International Yoga Day-2021

“JG Institute of Business Administration has Celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June 2021, at JG Ground, ASIA Campus, Drive-in Road, Ahmedabad.

All SOP of Covid -19 was followed during the Yoga Day celebration.

Dr. Parveen Malek, HOD of JG M.ed. College and a tutor of Yoga, guided not only our students but all the staff members had been part of it.

According to her, Yoga is for inner Peace: A Stress-Relieving Sequence

Stress demands all of our energy. When our batteries are so depleted, we can’t deal, and anything can push us over the edge. It’s like being stuck in semi-panic mode, where there is very little exhale, and the neck, head, and shoulders are likely to be tense. Yog gives us the tools to cope. When inner peace is nowhere to be found, it’s time to tune into the body. One technique is to notice where stress or panic lands in the body, and take our mind and breathe there. Eventually, we want to get into a forward bend, which increases the exhalation, leading to the relaxation response. Forward bends are also restorative and move the needle of our battery back to the black. Forward banding prepares the body to act again and helps in decreasing stress, and improving memory, intelligence, and self-confidence.